2017/2018 Newsletter

First Term 2018/2019 Academic Session

The resumption for the first term are as follows :

  • All boarding students must be in school on Sunday 9th September, 2018.
  • Monday 10th September, 2018, all other students resume and classes begin immediately.

Parents are encouraged to adhere to this schedule and insure that their children/wards return to school not later than 5:00pm on the scheduled date appropriate for them.

On no account should a student come back with mufti or sportswear that is not recommended by the school authority.

Visiting day

Parents are reminded of the following:

  • That the school visiting still remains the 1st Saturday and 3rd Saturday of every month. Note that the school will not allow you to see your ward/child outside these two days mapped out for visiting.

Student Fees

The following are the compulsory fees for returning students

Model Conventional
Tuition N20,000 N17,000
Scratch Card N500 N500
Boarding N30,000 N30,000
Medical Fee N1,000 N1,000

Payments should be made to the school account stated below:


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0081113625

Identification of Student’s Items:

Parents should ensure that all their children’s items are properly labeled for easy identification. This is to avoid reoccurring cases of loss and misplacement.

Summer School:

Summer school will be starting on the 6th of August, 2018, students within Abakaliki are advised to attend for their best interest as the lessons will help introduce them to their new classes/subjects before September.


The first term academics will be vacating on 7th of December 2018 for Christmas holiday.


The management, staff and students of Holy Ghost Secondary School Abakaliki are indebted to you, our dearly beloved parents/guardians for your usual understanding and support.  You are outstanding.

May God bless you immensely.




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